Our goal here at EbikeSchool.com is to give you the info you need to enter the world of electric bicycles. A big part of that includes reviews of popular products used on ebikes. There are so many options out there to choose from that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are continuously adding to our reviews section with as many helpful products as we can find. Check out the reviews below for products you might find useful for your ebike.

Check out the articles below for helpful information

Luna Cycle: A Peek Behind the Scenes

A little over a year ago Luna Cycle appeared to burst onto the ebike scene from out of nowhere, shocking the market with a wide range of ebike parts at shockingly reasonable prices. Ever since they’ve kept a steady stream of new […]

A List Of Great (And Inexpensive) Electric Bicycle Parts

I’ve been building electric bicycles for nearly a decade now. A few years ago I started this website as a place to freely share a lot of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. One of the questions […]

Review: Cycle Satiator – A better ebike charger

It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited by an electric bicycle charger.  In fact, my ebike charger is usually my last thought – just something I use at the end of the day to top up my battery. […]

Review: A Super Loud Ebike Horn For Only $3

Anyone who does a lot of street commuting on an electric bicycle knows what a problem cars can be. Whether it is due to aggressive drivers or just plain inattentiveness, cars can be a serious concern for ebikers. […]

Review: A Cheap But Effective Wheel Lock With Alarm

I consider myself a pretty happy and positive person, but if there’s one thing I do hate with a fiery passion that consumes my soul, it’s bicycle theft. I’ve lost two bikes in my life (two and a half if […]

Review: The Electra Townie – Great For Comfort Electric Bicycle Conversions

Anybody who knows me also knows that I’m a big fan of DIY electric bicycles conversions over buying a retail electric bicycle. I love the freedom you get from starting with a blank slate and making all of your […]

Review: Triangle Frame Battery Bag by Electric Rider

I’ve always been a fan of doing your own electric bicycle conversion instead of buying a retail ebike. By going the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, you have so much more freedom and room for customization, allowing you to choose […]

Review: INNOVA Digital MultiMeter

If you plan on doing any work on your electric bicycle yourself then you’re going to need a few tools. One of the most important ebike related tools to add to your shelf is a digital multimeter. You can use a […]

Review: Anti-Flat Bicycle Tire Sealants

Flat tires are the best way to ruin your day. I’ve written an article on six ways to avoid flat tires, and one of the best methods included the article is to use a bicycle tire sealant. Bicycle […]

Review: Ibera Triangle Bicycle Frame Bags

  Mounting batteries on an electric bicycle is one of the most important steps of a DIY electric bicycle conversion. The placement of the batteries has a huge impact on the handling of the ebike. The closer to […]

Review: MagicShine (& Knock-off!) Bicycle Headlight

When it comes to electric bicycle safety, a good headlight is king. Any night time riding requires that drivers can see you and that you can see hazards in the road. Bicycle lights can be lumped into two […]

Review: Mirrycle Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

If hindsight is important in life, then it’s even more important on an electric bicycle. As we talked about in the article on ebike safety tips, statistically speaking you aren’t very likely to get hit by a motorist […]