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Electric bicycle owners are proud of their rides. They like to talk about their ebikes, show them off, brag about them, even treat them like a member of the family  (hang on… I have a picture of my ebike in my wallet right here!)

The International Ebike Garage is here to show off ebikes from around the world. Electric bicycles both big and small, powerful and lightweight, racers and relaxers, they all have a parking spot in the International Ebike Garage. By entering your ebike in the International Ebike Garage, you’ll get a page (your “parking spot”) showing all the specs of your ebike including parts list, performance, pictures, etc. You can use the page like an online profile for your electric bicycle. Send it around to friends, compare your ebike with others, get on your hands and knees to worship the hottest ebikes with the respect and awe they deserve. Best of all, it’s 100% free. Check out all the different electric bicycles in the International Ebike Garage below and when you’re ready, enter your own ebike by clicking the button below.

The International Ebike Garage

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Just click the button below and you'll be able to reserve a spot in the International Ebike Garage for your electric bicycle. You'll be asked to fill out a form with specs on your ebike such as the motor, battery, speed, range, etc. Make sure to fill out all the sections and upload a picture so that everyone can see your awesome ride!

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