Spot #13

2015-06-05 001 2015-06-05 001

Owned by: dodes36

  • Year Bought/Built: 2015
  • Motor: GNG 500 watt mid-drive
  • Battery: 48 volt 15ah lifepo4 30 amp continuous 60 amp max
  • Controller: 26 amp 12 mosfet controller
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 30-35 mph (48.28 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 25 km (15.53 mi)
  • Weight: 64 lbs (29.03 kgs)
  • Total Cost: $1,00.00

This is E bike # 14 and the 8th fat bike to date keep selling them for some reason more fun to build ? its a 2015 mongoose Malus i have built gravity fat bikes with bafang 750 mid drives but the gng drive has more power low down to tackle the hills at our motorcycle club and is much faster, i also have done front hub motors and rear hub motors but on a fat bike mid drive is the way to go i think, a 30 degree hill is no problem at all don’t even need to pedal have done steeper giving it a little help.the gng is much easier to mount only have to make the stock bracket wider to fit the bb make spacers to get chain line correct hook it all up and go done ! also belt is as quiet as the bafang units i have used in past,front suspension forks make the ride great also, thanks for checking it out happy trails