Spot #21

  • Year Bought/Built: 2015
  • Motor: 200 Watts
  • Battery: 10ah Lithium battery
  • Controller: 5 speed controller
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 28 kmh (17.40 mph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 60 km using pedal assist, 35 km using throttle km (37.28 mi)
  • Weight: 15 kg kgs (33.07 lbs)
  • Total Cost: $600

I’m an ebike enthusiast from Singapore. Found this guy selling ebike kit in Gumtree. He offers selling and Installation but decided to do it myself. This one is a front wheel drive that you can really feel when the motor kicks in. Tested and approved to use in Singapore road with LTA tag attached. It’s really a fun ride alone or with my 2 toddlers, front and back. It’s also built with a Bluetooth speakers for real stereo sound from my cell phone. Really love this bike.