Spot #45


Owned by: 两江道

  • Year Bought/Built: 12/12/2016
  • Motor: YOUE H04 Q02
  • Battery: 48V15ah
  • Controller: XLD
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 22 mph (35.41 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 30-33 km (18.64 mi)
  • Weight: I do not have a measuring tool, about 30 kg? kgs (0.00 lbs)
  • Total Cost: $687.5

First of all, I do not speak English, the need for translation software, may not be accurate, as well as language habits, may not understand, please inclusive. Thank you.
I come from Xi’an, China, a top city in the world city PM2.5 pollution, it has 3500 years of the city, the prosperity you can not imagine. We like to call the United States a “beautiful village.” In addition to only a few super-big cities, other places like China’s countryside, of course, this is a beautiful country.
I like the quiet wind blowing, because only then, I will feel like a star! Ha ha ha. But where the wind? San Francisco seaside rain, while the Florida beach, some far … …. I finally found a way to ride an electric bike! It is always quietly carrying me, although the speed is not fast, but enough to make my face feel the fresh wind of Lafayette ………… I was running around the king! Haha

I had a scooter with a razor E300S before. I really liked it. It was small and strong, but it had too many drawbacks. The motor drives the chain with a loud, no shock. In particular, endurance, it makes me speechless, I sometimes have to go out in the street store to recharge, really thank those kindly clerk. In addition, my scooter, seat screws can not be installed, this is a very dangerous security risk, I had to return.

Talk about the car, it is the E300S alternatives, tires are wider than the average bike, Wal-Mart supermarket to buy, 99 dollars, made in China, no obvious shortcomings, of course, you do not expect it how powerful it After all, not a tank car. In fact, I now feel no need to buy a new car, second-hand very easy to find. Taobao to buy electric car kit, because there is a battery, so the mail over two times, a long time, shipping is expensive. The power manager shell in the kit is very ugly and ugly. I also bought a triangular package eBay, I received a slight change after a bit. As the battery is huge, I had to remove my front transmission, not to mention its use is not frequent. Because the original car tire bad, I will upgrade it. In the replacement of the rear wheel when there is no suitable tool, no way to remove the original gear, I help a bicycle shop, a motorcycle repair shop, the clerk is really unspeakable! Warm, sincere, both the boss or employees. Are very sincere to help me, though eventually did not remove it. Helpless, I had to buy a new gear. Can you imagine? 20 dollars, almost in China can buy a normal use of new bike. Because the RMB devaluation, 20 dollars to buy a bike shop owner may also give you a pack of Marlboro. Ha ha ha This is a joke, do not take it seriously.

The overall calculation of all the costs, a total of 687.5 US dollars, at the same time, I carefully statistics a bit, all of this electric bike all parts are actually made in China. Well, it feels good, after all, I am Chinese. Riding a Chinese car is also nothing wrong. But this is really too expensive, in China, the same configuration, cost only about 250 US dollars.

In China, very few people change their own electric bike, I will not, I have long had its own car, tell the truth the United States is really too cheap cars, oil prices are too low. But I prefer electric bikes. Because the Chinese concept of consumption is not a single use, there are things outside the use. Such as shopping in the social circle to show off as a capital, a symbol of luxury as a status. This is very sad, a lot of people also made a fortune. … … So come to my United States, I choose my own favorite. Anyway, no one knows me. Not to worry about other people’s wink to do things.

A few days ago I almost sold it, because I accidentally in the eBay auction to get two very cheap electric scooter, front and rear shock, I originally intended to sell the electric bike to upgrade I will get the scooter. After the release of the online replies that I was in the Louisiana state riding a bike scooter is illegal, and at the same time, I actually met a liar! The seller is a liar, I do not pay payment, to see the state yesterday, the seller actually sold, and check the seller information, turned out to be the United States! I am now complaining to eBay. Do not know the results.

On this car, there are sad. There is love and hate.

I only know that I can not sell it. This is what I see in the YouTube channel you know this site, great! my love!