Spot #7


Owned by: bobbike

  • Year Bought/Built: bike 2014/engine 2015
  • Motor: 36V 500W
  • Battery: 3 X 12V 9A
  • Controller: YK31C
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 30 kmh (18.64 mph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 20 km (12.43 mi)
  • Weight: 18 kgs (39.68 lbs)
  • Total Cost: $300

Working in Africa and want to explore around and go drink some beer at the near villages without sweat a lot, I need something not to expensive I can leave at my depart. 4-5 years ago I bring a petrol engine to do the same use.
Again it was easily fit in my luggages.
This time I was lucky enough to put my hands on an “expat bike”, strong and light.
Little work et voilà! not so beautiful but like the wife said: it’s fit the décor and do the job.
It’s a real crowd magnet.