Spot #23

full composite 1000w no-lighting TTT

Owned by: Jay Staley

  • Year Bought/Built: 2015
  • Motor: generic chinese 1000w kit
  • Battery: 48v 12ah silverfish
  • Controller: included with wheel
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 52 kmh (32.31 mph)
  • Range: 28 km (17.40 mi)
  • Weight: 30 kgs (66.14 lbs)
  • Total Cost: $1500

bought as complete Berlin Cruiser with 250w 36v 10ah in 2014 i stripped it back to frame/seat/seatpole/rack and replaced every other part.
now it houses a 1000w 48v 12ah power-train with 120mm forks, 2.5″ maxxis holy roller tyres, 46t single speed front cog, 7-speed shimano Xt rear derailler.
im not satisfied with it as it cuts out under load if i accelerate too quickly. its been suggested that my battery is not up to the task so i’ll be looking into that very soon. apart from that, if i build speed gradually its fine, reaching a max speed of 50-52 on flat road in still weather… which is nice :)
im currently fabricating a new headlight and fenders, incorporating 2 small but bright red LEDs into the rear fender, which both plug into an ex computer speaker box on the drink bottle mount via a 6mm guitar jack. also built into the speaker box is a bluetooth speaker (charged via the bike battery) and 2-port usb outlet to charge my fone on the fly.