Spot #26


Owned by: ABritInNY

  • Year Bought/Built: Fall 2015
  • Motor: LeafMotor 1500w nominal
  • Battery: 72v 24s1p 30ah prismatic A123 pack with 60-120 BMS
  • Controller: 184110 Lyen Mark11 extreme modder edition
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 29.4 (Restricted and set by CA v3) mph (47.31 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: Untested as yet km (0.00 mi)
  • Weight: 84 lbs (38.10 kgs)
  • Total Cost: $3200

My Bike is a Vector/Evelbike/EEB styled custom build… I started this project as an enthusiastic Newbie/Novice E-Biker, I hoped the build would provide me some insight into the machine I’ve learned to love and therefore the ability to repair the bike myself without running to a ‘shop’ every problem… Little did I know the education I was in for, sooo much to learn, grasp and understand if you wan’t a successful and SAFE build. I relied on and in the experts in their fields as I found them on ES forum and other places and promptly lost myself in 1’st the different setup plans, logistics and company parts ordering and then the build process as it all arrived. Documenting my process throughout, I found it necessary to make many unplanned mods ‘On the fly,’ as problems presented themselves, but the build progressed and came together :) Unfortunately the weather seems to be turning colder now here in NYC so testing will prob be limited… but I’m certainly excited for it…
The bike features from the top …EEB frameset, Hussefelt truvativ comp bar with adj stem 60 deg …zoom 680 DH double crown fork, DNM 200*55 twin chamber air shock, custom lyen edition 18fet controller, custom 72v lifepo4 batt, Maxxis high roller 2.3 tires and thick tubes, enduro guard mud flaps, 3 led cree nightlights, CA v3 with thermistor hookup from motor, remote dropper seatpost 150mm, zoom dual caliper hydraulic brakes with Motor cut offs/regen line, seperate ignition switch wired with the 1500w newest leafmotor with upgraded phase wiring, factory attached 10k thermistor, upgraded 10 gauge spokes laced to a 26″ bike rim. Vector performance kick stand and normal/decent wellgo pedals.
controller is mounted under the frames batt box and protected with a modified rectangular thick walled 3*5″ card file storage box, with a built in locking/sliding divider wall, that seperates and contains and stores the excess wiring too. The box also houses the Spst (2 position removable) ignition switch. Inbuilt battery charging is handled by a hidden anderson connector housed in a hidden wiring gap space above the BB housing.