Spot #29


Owned by: Hoverer

  • Year Bought/Built: 2016
  • Motor: bafang bbshd - 1000w mid drive
  • Battery: 52volt - 11.6-13ah luggage rack style
  • Controller: Bafang c961 display with left thumb throttle
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 25-30 but not built for speed - built to go off road too! mph (40.23 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: I'm figuring that out km (0.00 mi)
  • Weight: 53 lbs without battery lbs (24.04 kgs)
  • Total Cost: $2,100.00

Started with a Motobecane FB5 2.0 Fat Bike. Installed Vee Snowshoe 5″ Tires – hydraulic brakes – BBSHD 1000w mid drive – reduced the chainring from 46 to 42 – teeth – Thudbuster seat post – Hobson Easyseat @ Saddle with sheepskin cover – Electric horn – Bells – Garmin GPS 1000 explore with headlight,left and right turn signal/tail lights – custom rear led lights in mud flap – Garmin rear radar – Bose mini Bluetooth speaker – Pono music HD Flac file player – Rear view camera and 5″ monitor – ultrasonic dog repeller – nice grips – rear cargo rack – kick stand – and I fabricated an aluminum adapter on my C+C machine so that I could incorporate a NuVinchi 360 into a fat bike rim!
I can go off-road up Steep Hills,and the cadence is still good so that I can petal whenever I like.
Now that the weather is getting a little warmer in New York State I’m riding and smiling every day.