Spot #34


Owned by: ABritInNY

  • Year Bought/Built: Fall 2015
  • Motor: Bafang/8fun 36v 250w geared rear hubmotor
  • Battery: 2× 36v 5.2ah Samsung cells battery pack
  • Controller: FVS Freway vigor System 10a nom
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 19.7 mph (31.70 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 18-25 km (11.18 mi)
  • Weight: 42lbs lbs (19.05 kgs)
  • Total Cost: $$889

I bought this through the Freway Ebike kickstarter campaign. The Bike is a pedelec only (has no throttle,) and it’s spec is EC legal so obv US legal too.
Bike feels very underpowered if you’re used to throttle but is perfect for assisting me in getting actual excersize on my Ebike, as opposed to just commuting on it.
As well as being best on the trails, due to being much lighter than any of my other ebikes, but also has great specs for it’s price.
The frame is Alloyal in the new 650b 27.5″ size, instead of the usual 26″ and it has a decent front suspension shock by Suntour, xcm w/lockout, QR skewers on front wheel with 160mm hydraulic Tektro disk brakes. It features mid level Shimano specs, inc 27 speed front and rear deore derailleurs plus shimano crankset, but the battery pack is a lil small at only 5.2ah!(but I do have 2 of them, and the low amperage controller means good mileage too.)
It has a great external battery dock, that allows me to gain further use of my battery to power my cellphone even my laptop (I had to buy the matching HP DC tip though,) through the Dock as well as having a built in 3w led light (and kinda useless alarm sos mode.)
It’s also has built in pack powered front and rear lighting and is capped by a nice 4.0″ touch screen display to control everything. It also has a bar mounted switch to sequentially cycle the motor power assistance levels from level 0 (just you) to level 3 (max power,) without touching the display mid ride.
I must say it’s the most bike like Ebike I own and it grows on me with each ride.