Spot #38


Owned by: captkit

  • Year Bought/Built: 2013
  • Motor: 250 watt, 36v brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 3x12v 9 amp agm lead-acid
  • Controller: dunno--it's included w/ the motor
  • Fastest Recorded Speed: 13 mph (20.92 kph) GPS verified!
  • Range: 32 km (19.88 mi)
  • Weight: 85 lbs (38.56 kgs)
  • Total Cost: $380

The cost includes 50 bucks I paid for the bike although I rode it at work for 12 years before conversion. When I put the motor on, you could buy an ezip at Wal-Mart for $400. I bought the setup from Bikeberry. It comes with everything if you need it or not. The motor/wheel/tire come as one piece which eases a lot of pain. I chose the front wheel setup for ease of installation–not recommended–front forks rarely are built for the stress.Why, in all the articles on ebikes does no one mention that BICYCLES HAVE 8mm DROPOUTS AND EBIKE WHEELS have 9 to 10mm AXLES !!!! I had to mill out the dropouts to get the wheel on and there wasn’t a lot of “meat” left on the fork. If you must use a front wheel motor put on a torque arm or the motor will spin its axle and ruin the fork. Other than that–flatten the hills and enjoy the breeze!